At Cannawholesalers, we’re here to help. If you’re looking for a reliable source for buying weed by the pound or wholesale hash by the kilo, in Canada, Cannawholesalers is the place to shop. We are the #1 place to buy weed online. With the best prices and highest quality in the market, we can provide you with everything you need, from Weed, Hash, Shatter, Wax, and Oils, to Tinctures, Phoenix Tears, Capsules, and Vape Pens and cartridges. It’s all here for you.

Be sure to visit us and shop through our wide selection of high-grade cannabis and related products. Our BC cannabis producers pride themselves in growing the highest quality cannabis available anywhere.

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Buy Weed Wholesale Online in Canada

Buy weed by the ounce and a pound of hash at wholesale prices, in Canada. You can get Sativa, Indica, Hybrid, and AAAA at wholesale prices.

Buy Wholesale Concentrates in Canada

At Cannawholesalers our local producers in BC offer the most discriminating marijuana smokers a wide variety of cannabis concentrates at wholesale prices. You can buy wholesale shatter up to 8 ounces, wholesale hash by the kilo, and THC distillate up to 8 ounces. We hash in all its forms: light-coloured Moroccan, the sticky Afghani, and the powdery kief extract from multiple strains of either Sativa or Indica.

It’s All Here. Cannawholesalers Has You Covered.

We may already be your first choice for wholesale weed in Canada. Give us a try, if you haven’t chosen us yet, we think that we’ll soon become your first choice. Become a valued customer and learn first-hand why Cannawholesalers is the choice of so many here in Canada.

Our experienced staff is here to help you, our quality is premium and our wholesale prices can’t be beaten. Be assured, when you shop online at Cannawholesalers, you are getting the best price for the product. This is true whether you’re looking for flowers, concentrates or edibles.

If you are looking for a safe, high-quality, supplier of online wholesale weed, at the best prices anywhere, look no further. We at Cannawholesalers are the perfect solution for all of your cannabis needs. We feel very fortunate that we live in a country that recognizes our right to offer this product so easily and conveniently. The issue is to make sure you choose a supplier that is trusted and reliable with the highest quality of cannabis products.

You need to know that we are the leading seller of premium quality weed for good reasons. We offer the highest quality and the best prices for marijuana products, we have the utmost respect for your confidentiality, we offer a money-back guarantee and easy returns (a rare find for a company offering consumables), we offer special discounts for our members and free shipping for bulk orders.

At Cannawholesalers, our approach is always professional. That is because we value our trusted relationship with you. This isn’t just a business for us, it is our passion. At Cannawholesalers, we’re here to help.

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